Saturday, July 07, 2007

Metaforikanya: Nasib Melayu Tanpa DEB

Mengikut webmaster laman yang menghoskan klip video ini, ianya telah ditonton sejumlah 5.2 juta kali. Sayang, proses muat turun klip 3.15 minit memakan masa agak lambat, tetapi percayalah, penantian tuan/puan adalah berbaloi. Klip asal boleh di tonton di sini [1].

Secara metaforika-nya* pemangsaan yang digambarkan dalam video ini boleh berlaku kepada kelompok anak cucu Melayu-Islam Malaysia dalam tempoh terdekat jika tuan/puan sebagai datuk nenek mereka tidak bertindak mulai sekarang, khususnya dalam pilihan raya ke 12 kelak, untuk memastikan masa depan mereka terjamin.

Nota: Perkataan "metaforika" asalnya dari perkataan Inggeris "metaphorical" dari kata dasar "metaphor" yang bermaksud "ibarat" atau "perumpamaan." [2]


Anonymous said...

DEB baik utk kita atau tidak?

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think he even knows what his responsibilities as prime minister are. Most probably, he will say that he was not informed of his duties.

Correct me if I am wrong, but by blatantly and frequently announcing that I am in control, the country is fine, Umno is unbreakable etc, over the news and the newspapers a little bit too often, will only show a great disrespect and an unimaginable insult to the intelligence of Malaysians and others all over the world.

You think we are that stupid? Fooling everybody by a mere announcement? Even my dog barks like a fool listening to your announcements. Pak Lah and Umno, your days are numbered.

Hahaha! My toes are laughing Pak Lah. You are much in control?

Don't make a fool of yourself again! The whole world knew what type of prime minister you are. Only your half-past-six cabinet agree with you.

Simply because, with you as prime minister, they have a freer hand to "do whatever they like". If I am one of them, I love to have you as the prime minister. Only you think you are in control.

Hey, Pak Lah, time to wake up or else you will wake up one day and find that our Malaysian females have to travel to or Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam to work as maids. Or the males have to go to Thailand to harvest paddy.

By saying you are in control is of no use. We have ears to hear and eyes to see and most importantly a brain to think. Maybe he didn't even read what his duties are as a prime minister apart from taking care of his family.

If Pak Lah is in control of Malaysia. Who said he is not in control in the first place?

He control who? The cabinet and country are in disarray. Economic is nose diving and people are complaining about high cost of living with poor quality of life. Crime is going up but our country's Governance Indicators coming down.

Fantastic Bolehland! Who control who? "I am in control" is joke of the year!

This is the Pak Lah's way of managing the country. Arrogant, backstabbing, calling names, disrespectful, and the list goes on. Yes, he is very much in control. The BN is getting more and more morally decay everyday. Bravo!

Don't worry, the deputy prime minister will come up with our own Malaysia Governance Indicators where we are top in all categories.

Third world government must group with third world countries, Burma, Laos, Vietnam. What more proof is needed that we are third world class? Hey, you think we are top in third world countries?

That is the greatest joke in the world. If a leader has to keep reminding his people that "he is in control", there has two meanings:

1. The leader is actually "not in control" and fear that people might not respect him, so he has to stress that he is still in control

2. The people don't know who is in control, so the poor leader has to remind them

Sadly, both of these happen in this country. The people (especially those Umno Youth) don't know who is the actual leader of this country. Ask them (Umno Youth) and maybe they would tell you Khairy, but not Pak Lah.

See what they did in Penang? They demonstrated in front of prime minister, have they shown any respect to him? No! Why? Because they don't know who the leader of this country is!

Fight corruption, that will remain a slogan forever in Malaysia. Ong Tee Keat revealed the corrupted practices, but what happened to him? Get bombarded by other minister! Poor thing!

What Pak Lah has done on this matter? Nothing! Why? Because he is not in control of everything and dare not take any action. So, just keep quite and let the other monkeys do the job.

In control……….yup, in control of nothing!

All the news on "I am in control" actually is not the greatest joke of the year, the greatest joke are all the Gerakan/MCA/MIC agreeing to what he says.

If he is in control then please control the fast mouth of Nazri. Looks like he is out of control. His mouth moves faster than his puny brain.

I don't know who has the lousier speechwriter - the pope or our prime minister! Words without action mean little - in this case, it weakens the position of the speaker further.

Just look at Singapore story. Even China taps Lee Kuan Yew's brain on how to progress in the global market.

Pak Lah is not in control of Malaysia and his people, as we can observe that some ministers and some top government officials dared to defy him publicly, e.g. the chief minister of Sabah and the new IGP Musa.

He can't even shut Khairy mouth up who has been talking about rubbish recently.

Anonymous said...

Racism in Malaysia is apparent to anyone who has eyes! Malays are just a bunch of cripples who will collapse to the ground if their tongkat is taken away.

Remove their constitutional rights, their 7% discount on houses, their 30% equity in companies, their quota system in public universities etc……….what is left?

Only a bunch of malays begging in gutters or worse, they may have to eat pork to survive!

Anonymous said...

Imagine our prime minister lecturing on the real facts of peace and harmony in Malaysia.

"We (government) do not practise social fairness and meritocracy. We practise racism and discrimination in our university entry, jobs, housing discount allocation, and education system. We extort and blackmail non-malays through shares equity and Approved Permits. We dish out handouts to malays, etc. That is how we achieve peace and harmony in Malaysia."

The only reason why there is peace and harmony is because the non-malays are tolerant, progressive, peace, moderate, magnanimous and loving, despite the racism, keris wielding and discriminatory policies.

If the future leader is bollocks then the future of this country is also bollocks.

The education system in this country from top to bottom is going from bad to worst, we are producing robot, incompetent, hapless, crony and brainwashed leaders.

Going by that, the track record of the Umno government is nothing less than shameful and embarrassing.

While the rich and famous in the Umno coalition is feasting off the richness of the land christened Malaysia, thousands more are languishing in sickness, poverty and adverse social circumstances.

I care for my fellow citizens regardless of race and religion and there is nothing more I wish to see that for them to be able to lead a decent life through diligence and honesty. But such values are of no worth in a corrupted and racist system like the Umno government's.

The current debate is not about religion, race or political ideology. It is about good values or rather, the lack of them in the current Umno politicians.

One must not mistake hatred against racism with hatred against race. The former is admirable, and the latter is deplorable.

From the comments of you malay, I can conclude that he is either delirious and confused or he is simply a typical Umno politician - conceited, colored-vision and paranoid.

Your comments clearly show your insecurity as well as your inferiority complex. Unfortunately, your comments suggest that your views represent all the malays.

It also shows that you, as representing the malays, concede that you are not prepared and will never be prepared, even in the future, to meet with competition. You suggest that you need to be wrapped in cotton wool for all time.

The world will not wait for you and does not owe you a favour. A big problem is that you expect the world and everyone to owe you a living. Get real the world owes you nothing!

You may be the ketuanan of Malaysia but what kind of Malaysia will that be by then if you continue with your tunnel vision and refuse to meet and compete with the rest of the world. You will be in a very small country and a small world of your own. You may be the ketuanan of such a country which may be weaker than a banana republic in time.

Under those circumstance, it may not be important whether you are the ketuanan of such a country which is not third rate but fourth rate, and which may be open to be taken by a stronger force. By then you will be too weak and friendless to defend yourself.

Please don't think that Malaysia belongs to one particular race, you are insulting yourself, and your race, don't ever forget that some key leaders in top government are with mixed blood, not pure malays……….please know your mission as a Malaysian, to live united with the other races and fight independently with the globalised world.

Don't be narrow-minded anymore, do correct thing to make things right.

The "bumis" stole the land from Orang Asli. By right all of Malaysia should belong to them. If recall history as the current generation of malays came over from Sumatra, Jawa, and the island around.

If your thinking remains the same - please go back to Indonesia where you can proudly call yourself bumis there.

Anonymous said...

Let us face it, Malaysians.

National Airline = MAS = Loss Big

National Bank = Bank Bumi = Loss Also

National Car = Proton = Tak Boleh

National Policy = NEP = Never Ending Problem

National Road = Toll = Money For Warlock

National University = UM = Joke

In other words, whatever touch nationalised, just wait for the vultures to start feasting. Malaysians, you buggers are being taken for a ride by your leaders and yet, come election, don't know how to vote properly for the future of your children and next generation.

Anonymous said...

Ah……….the history lessons begin again.

As much as the malays do not like the "Orang Putih". These "Orang Putih" built infrastructures and schools for Malaysia. Yes, they did have an economic agenda, but on the whole, it is believed that they did more good than harm.

Now, please read "Melayu Journal" published by Dewan Bahasa Pustaka 2005. It clearly states that the "contract" which you speak so lovingly of, was issued only for a duration of 15 years.

It was tagged under the NEP. Since the NEP failed miserably, it was "extended" under a new name called the NVP. When that failed too, it has once again been "extended" under the new name of the NDP. In a nutshell, it has failed for 50 years.

Don't the malays smell something amiss here? Put in perspective, our Malaysia government has publicly announced to the world, that despite targeted government aid for half a century, the malays are so hopeless, stupid and useless that they still cannot fend for themselves.

Think hard not with emotion, but look at the fact. This fact is very very embarrassing for Malaysia. As it says that the malays are not able to succeed despite being given aid for half a century.

Back to more serious business: The NEP, NVP and NDP or by whatever name you call it tomorrow. So for 50 years, it has "dished out" money to the malays. Realistically, how many of you received that money?

Except for the elite few who sit on the "high and mighty" seats of the government. And that is why, to continue to receive that "special bumi aid" money, they have to insist that there is racial tension in the country. In fact, they promote it by virtue of fact that "race-based organizations" still exist till today.

The Orang Asli also fall into the bumi category. They arrived here 60000 years ago (mind you, the first Indonesian arrival was only 3000 years ago).

Jabatan Orang Asli has been "actively" helping them for the past 50 years. They still live in the jungle. Where I may ask, has that allocated money gone to? Many proponents have insisted that Jabatan Orang Asli has been "helping themselves" instead.

Go to any Orang Asli settlement and see it for yourself.

Your money. Take it back. Or forever live like paupers.

Anonymous said...

If you guys are expecting moron Hisham/Khairy to apologise - you can forget about it. Numbskulls only react and ask pope to apologise over remarks and they are willing to kill over it.

And here we have one dumb oaf whose mouth moves faster than his brain. I wonder if this is what they learn from Umno because we have seen so many moronic Umno members who speak so fast that their own brains can't digest.

Top 5 Umno no brain members.

1. Badawi
2. Hisham
3. Khairy
4. Najib
5. Nazri

Anonymous said...

This country was all along a land for Orang Asli. The Chinese originated from China, Indians originated from India, malays originated from Indonesia etc. China gets to give priority to the Chinese, India get to give priority to Indians, and the malays are just freeloading from the Orang Asli land by claming it is bumi land.

This is because they are doing what Allah said……….Allah told malays to come from Indonesia and steal the land from Orang Asli and use Orang Asli as slaves. So when is Malaysia giving priorities to Orang Asli? The only time Malaysia is not a racist country is when an Orang Asli becomes the prime minister of Malaysia - which is never - it is a genocide in the name of Allah!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not a place to invest your money.

The policies are so loop-sided that you cannot choose the best people to work for you but to employ those malay graduates who are way below "standard".

In the first place, these malays are not of intellect quality but the foreign and local companies are forced to employ them.

So, if a foreign company has a choice, they will not invest in a country like that where competition is solely based on skin color, and "know who" not "know how".

Malaysia now lags behind both China's and India's science and technology sector, and regional rivals Singapore and Thailand now attract more foreign direct investment.

Why is it so that we lag behind all those countries? Just study who are the planners in the countries education system.

Here we have third class educationists in the form of Umno malays, most of them are third graders in their school days, planning the education policies. They are actually failures academically and now trying to teach others about education.

Then look around the schools and universities. Just a cursory glance will tell you that the teaching staffs are not of first class materials. Many are byproducts of unemployed graduates who managed to get teaching as their only choice of vocation.

Similarly the universities teaching staffs are third rated too. When you have such lousy teachers, would you expect first class materials?

Whatever Malaysia is advocating, Malaysia is heading to doom! Agriculture, commerce, education, health, politics, social interaction, everything that Malaysia embarks is doomed.

The information and communication technology that Malaysia implementing is as good as doomed since day one when the corrupted and racist Mahathir laid hand on it.

Anything that is the genesis of this corrupted and racist Mahathir is doomed, be it Agusta, Daya Bumi, education - English to malay malay to English, EPF, Felcra, Felda, Formula 1, general election, MAS, math and science in English, military defense, MSC, National Service, NEP, North South Highway, Perwaja, polis task force, Proton, Wawasan Schools……….the list is endless. Nothing works in Malaysia.

Now the religious Badawi is implementing 9MP using Islam with the doctrine advocated by the corrupted and racist Mahathir.

This is more severe than the doctrine by Mahathir since Badawi adds another critical and negative dimension into the corrupted and racist doctrine, that is, the aberrant Islam!

This further decreases the efficiency in the utilization of good human engineering practices in a highly competitive global world!

The only way Malaysia can succeed is to embrace good human engineering practices compassionately, since only good human engineering practices can attain effective, efficient and excellent production in order to compete with other formidable ICT nations.

This means the practices of meritocracy, no NEP and racial discrimination!

With a corrupted and racist government practice corrupt and racial discriminatory engineering practices, the effective job activities and efficiency in productions are definitely to be lagging.

This means high production costs, inefficient manufacturing processes, poor research and development designs, with expensive and inferior products! Example - Proton!

The government might as well close down Cyberjaya, encourage goat rearing and save cost. At least the loss in capital is not as severe as in ICT ventures and by the year 2020, every people is guaranteed with a roast lamb!

The biggest joke is, the people themselves are to be blamed for supporting the current and always has been and probably forever will be, the BN.

That is keep it up and make them more and more arrogant.

We want to be hub of everything and master of none. That is why we know for sure Vision 2020 will not be achieved. It is easy to set a vision and rely another to achieve it.

Principally as a small nation with limited human resources, not making optimum use of its human resource by sidelining a major more advanced sector of its population through the NEP, will create many many more "Tak Boleh".

With people only interested in sitting beside a money machine, where Malaysia will end with, is already a certainty.

Any cure? No, no way. The entire makeup of the Malaysia society from corruption, greed, politics and third world mentality etc, will doom any effort to rectify it. We can't even talk simple things like "understanding each other" let alone major issues like corruption, etc.

Even God has got no solution for Malaysia the way it is going.

If the mindsets of the malays here actually reflect the general people then I am afraid there is no hope. Simply hopeless. Nothing much is going to change to the good.

In fact it will be towards the extreme. What can you expect? We are simply good in blaming others for our problems. In fact we are world class in doing that. With a mindset like that, by year 2020 we should be toward Zimbabwe or probably worst.

Thank you 'Tun Mamak' for all this. Because of your need to be more melayu and to remain prime minister, your 22 years of ruling had made the people to have such attitude and mentality.

Sorry folks, I am one of those who don't believe Vision 2020 can be achieved, and not be a long shot.

Umno first consideration is not achieving Vision 2020 as what they are trying to tell us, but their paramount and top priority is to ensure that their ketuanan and NEP policies are intact in whatever goals they conceive.

This is where the stumbling block lies. Never mind if third grade graduates become lecturers or professors, so long their ketuanan and special rights policies are adhered to.

Even in business or industries enterprise, the business people have to satisfy Umno demands that these corporations/industries satisfy the NEP and special rights rules first.

So, is it that difficult to understand Vision 2020 has never been a top priority, but the ketuanan policies are, and these override all else, even if it means that Vision 2020 is not achieved.

'First class mentality' for Malaysians? When most of them are spoon-fed by the government and they behave like the baboons in the UPM cafeteria? Not in my lifetime! And I am still relatively young!

First class mentality starts in school. What chance does the young have when they are exposed to under qualified teachers? And a failed education system?

Whilst in Japan, I witness a scene where a homeless man, in filthy clothes and hair, rummaged through a few rubbish bins, spilling their contents onto the ground. When he finally found what he wanted, he actually put the rubbish back into the bins! I was shocked!

Back here in Malaysia, the educated and privileged don't even bother to look for bins to throw their rubbish in! What kind of mentality is this, compared to the homeless man? It is a sad, sad world we live in, man……….

The NEP will be a huge stumbling block towards Vision 2020. When leaders of business and industry are not chosen on the basis of meritocracy but purely on the basis of being a malay, how la?

And it is only getting worse and worse as it has become a 'right'. Can't see it changing anytime in the next 12 years.

Malaysia leaders always lamented that 'we have first class infrastructure but third class mentality'.

What they should actually say is that 'we have first class infrastructure but third class leader' - that is more like it.

They can't even ensure that computer lab for schools do not collapse after few months completed. Need more examples? What are they able to do then? Don't try to get the answer from this third class people.

All I can say is thank God or Tunku Abdul Rahman for giving away Singapore to Chinese rule! He was right otherwise Singapore will be in deep shit like us now!

As much as we don't like Singapore that much - we must agree that the Chinese did a damn good job in running their tiny island!

The mega dictator started many mega projects and most of these projects became mega failures. We are left with mega problems to solve.

Man, may I ask - is dividing Malaysians into bumi and non-bumi not racist in itself? So it likes the pot calling the kettle black! Well whether you like it or not, we are living in a racist society now! Especially in Malaysia!

And plus, in case you are still in the dark - in Malaysia we practise racial politics! MCA for the Chinese, MIC for the Indians and Umno for the malays! So what is wrong if we are racist in our opinions? Isn't everyone racist to same extend? Some more and some less!

Anonymous said...

Never in the entire history of Malaysia that its citizens feel so hopeless for having such a hypocrite sleepy prime minister! Time to vote Umno out in the coming election!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when one reads about the statements or replies by the Malaysia government ministers, one feels ashamed of them, knowing that foreign correspondents would also be observing them.

One just wonder how come majority of the government ministers or their subordinates just could not show themselves with depth in their words and thoughts!

Their mentality is just so shallow as always reflected in their talks.

Is it because they do lack reading and gaining knowledge and information? But then they are the ones who keep telling the public to read and read! They don't? Too busy politicking on trivial? What a pity!

Or that they are too busy over personal interest? Or are they just of mediocre intelligence up there, but good in drawing support by being able to be able to talk mediocrity?

Can the nation draws on them to prod on to the national vision?

It is anybody's guess. Your guess is just as good as my guess. Just hope and guess the good things will come one fine day.

Something is seriously and definitely lacking in the government ministers, selection? Is there a dearth of quality leaders in Malaysia politics to be selected?

Something drastic must be done to rectify the current situation in the country.

Many so-called leaders in Malaysia are still shackled in their perceived medieval mentality based false promises.

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